Statewide Alerts And Notifications

The I-75 Expansion Project Will Affect Traffic

June 1, 2024

ALDEN - Interstate 75 is a major artery that connects most of Mesa's counties together by the use of the Northern and Southern portions of the Interstate. Furthermore, traffic has increased by 27% since last year and traffic flow continues to increase. As such, the Mesa Department Of Transportation has begun work extending the roadways, and increasing the number of lanes that each portion of I-75 has. The Alden County sections of I-75 currently only have 2 lanes for both the Northern and Southern portions. As you get closer to Ashburry, the lanes open up to three lanes both directions. Mile markers 122 - 255 include six exits towards Auckland Township, the City of Jabrea and the City of Aberdeen.

Emergency Declaration Issued For Alden, Ashburn And Diester Counties

January 31, 2024

ALDEN - Governor Joshua Adamson has declared a State of Emergency in Alden, Ashburn and Diester Counties as the State Of Mesa gears up for its 2024 Flood Season. The Governor issued that residents in these counties should begin planning to stay away from home for the next few months as flooding is predicted to reach levels as high as 24 inches.

Governor Adamson also announced that no emergency services will be available as flooding will prevent fire trucks and ambulances from accessing the area. 

Governor Adamson will also continue to provide continued updates regarding the flooding and the State's response.